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When talking about company’s “IKM” – in construction and everyday tasks- important principles, the above quoted letter can’t be ignored. “IKM” is the company which is currently managing the construction project of the LNB new building construction.

That is to say that in above mentioned historical document at the time of it’s writing the constructor drew the Minister’s attention to a significant fact – in the wished quality and in the time given for the construction process all the “open” projects could be have been done only in if the proper finances were provided. Furthermore, in the mentioned letter it was spoken about the only important topic during the construction process – the new great projects and the priorities needed for its realization - required professionalism and uprightness (the willingness to do everything by the best ideas). That again, would allow to achieve the necessary balance, which would help to build the building  with proper respect and without “touching” the interests of any party. Expressing in a more figurative speech – this old pergament sent by horse curries speaks about BALANCE -  about the balance between the customer's and contractor's interests, as well as the needs of the contractor (the builders),basically,  a balance needed at the basis of every successful project. This Balance  is a key for process quality development.

Only deliberate and cultivated mediation between the ambitions of the customer, contractor and designer can guarantee qualitative construction process of the object and its timely completion.

The goal of owner has to be also goal of Main Contractor and designer. Such organization of the process is needed during the realisation of any construction idea; it works as a catalyser for correct communication and cooperation between the main parties involved in the completion – customer, contractor and designer.


 Kaspars Puriņš, „Ideja kā māja” the chairman of the board and quality control department manager


During the several years the company „Ideja kā māja” has developed the only correct everyday work’s philosophy, leading from the idea up to it’s realisation few big construction projects in the Baltic States and Russia.


As an example there can be mentioned - performed in excellent quality, several significant hotel and residential building projects constructions, including shopping centre „Domina Shopping” construction. In addition, during the last five years the company has been working at the biggest construction project in Latvia-LNB – construction, while respecting the ambitions of employer and the given (the allowed) budgeting.


As Kaspars P. “IKM” manager pointed out all of the objects we released  have had several common features – a – all of them have been completed in the planned term, without exceeding the budget, therefore the customer had a possibility to achieve the planned profit after transfer of the object into exploitation. During construction processes we also are willing to be sure that everyone who was employed in the project would have had the proper salary.


Andrea Laudanna, „Ideja kā māja” contract department manager and member of board :

“Our multi-national team is suited for realization of ambitious plans. We have created a perfect balance of skills and knacks, and in every day work we synthesize the best construction experience gained from Latvia, France, Italy and Anglo-Saxon countries.

In the basis of the company's productivity there is team professionalism and varied experiences gained from the successful working in different countries, different objects, with different legislation and normative acts at the construction branch.

By crystallizing the best from any experience, we are able to solve everyday situations at construction sites in a more resilient manner.

 I am concerned that the sources of problems in the construction field can be found there – both for the customer and the contractor it is hard to perceive the involvement of such specialist as „Ideja kā māja” in the construction process as an investment, and not as expenses.

 Such a Construction branch company as „Ideja kā māja”, which carries out its tasks correctly and in good faith, can guarantee significant savings and avoidance of absurd losses usually caused by incompetency.

In a market in which the lower prices dominates as well as many other principles that degrade the quality, there few of “enlightened” among employer and contractors who understand the necessity to turn to such a company as „Ideja kā māja” or any equal companies at the very beginning of an idea.


The proper beginning is very important – the designing and construction process. In most cases customers request emergency “mission impossible” at the moment when the project is already endangered, and it is endangered due to inaccurate planning, work organization, because incompetent collaboration partners have been involved.

In many public and private construction examples there are several examples where the customer has decided to involve experienced project management companies. In many other examples the employer and the constructor brings the new risks to the project.


Domenico Argiro, „Ideja kā māja” design department manager and member of board


Our company has a special structure– all the leading specialists are at the same time the shareholders of the company who actively work as professionals performing everyday tasks. As our services include devotion of time resources and use of qualified personnel’s knowledge it is

impossible to involve ourselves in realization of a great amount of projects on the same time.


We purposefully avoid such situation and we do not take the management of the several  projects in the same time, to be sure, that those projects we have taken are preformed within with the highest quality standards.


 Experience of „Ideja kā māja” shows that involvement of adequate resources in preparation and planning of the construction, in the result create significant savings of time and financial resources, and completely eliminate such a conflict situations between employer  and the project manager which could turn into mutual legal claims.

We not only save the customer’s time, but we can certainty affirm that to our former clients we were net the cost increase- but the investment tool, what in the end permitted  to gain important return in term of financial increase of their incomes.


Ilze Liepiņa, „Ideja kā māja” Quantity surveying department manager and member of board:

The key to our success which we offer our customers is first of all our ability to understand the concept of construction. It is important to find balance between the possible financing and the preferable end result. These things can be balanced. If during the construction process  every people concentrates only on the cheapest solution, it is impossible to achieve balance and in the end the object isn’t completed in time or is not as initially planned.

The customer has to understand the value of the planned object and both the customer and contractors have to understand there cannot be only one winner in the construction process.

All involved parties deserve to be  winners. That means that the goal has to be mutual– to implement quality.


Everyday goal of our company is to prevent situations in which, the contractor or Employer loses money or the architect is put in such a situation in which rational needs of the object are neglected.

In all our years of work we have been lucky to have found  customers who understands the concept of necessity for balance.

The readiness of our clients to invest in their projects and the positive effects of entertaining our company can be viewed in several buildings in Riga and other around the world.


The problematic objects were those in which the customer turned to us only after the time when many serious mistakes were done at the periods of planning and the construction of the projects.


It has to be understand, that the Balance conception doesn’t concern only to the price, but it also refers to balancing the ideas and wishes of involved parties.

Sometimes it resembles the building of one’s own house – you want many different things, however, in reality you only need a small part of them. Exaggerated wished kill the object and the customer are not able to afford it anymore even if the beginning has been correct and rational.


Kaspars Puriņš, „Ideja kā māja” quality control department manager and member of board

According to the Seigneur de Vauban ‘s letter we can conclude that nothing has changed since the 17th century. There are no new and modern knowledge- just the good, old common sense.

As we already mentioned, it is the key to our success.


 For an example, „Domina Shopping” project can be mentioned - the sum invested in  gave very high return, as the balance that was found permitted both – fit in the amount of the project and finish it on the comparably short period of time.

In order to find balance it is important to understand also the point of view of the other involved party and try to put oneself in the other party’s shoes. The construction process is like a regular triangle – the builder, the customer and the architect. We are able to preserve this triangle for the whole construction time without deforming its geometrical proportions. And the construction passes smoothly, quickly, and at the end all are winners. No one should think that there could be only one winner and two losers.


Andrea Laudanna, „Ideja kā māja” contract department manager and member of board:

The people working at our company have skills and experience in construction and architecture, as well as project management and finances; therefore each has developed his own professional field. Our company sells our own time. In order to ensure balance we are unable to sell too much of that time, as then we ourselves would lose balance.

We aren’t trying to take up all the possible projects. Our goal isn’t to increase the assets of our company.



Our goal is to to correctly use our time correctly in order to be able to preserve calm and clear mind and at the all situations be capable to solve problems that occurred.


 We always preserve good will at our work. Our role in construction of the new library was to help the building companies to find the right balance in their relationship with the customer. Those companies chose us because it was certain of our honest approach and organisation and management skills. LNB is a project which combines several big and far going ideas.


This situation has proved that in any problematic situations patience should not be forgotten , as the interests and requests can be not only exaggerated but also absurdly ridiculous.

In this case, the parties interested in the project, the ones between which we had to find balance, instead of being a triangle was more of polyhedron.

There have been technically more difficult projects, bet in regard to management of balance  – this probably has been the most complicated. There are many potentially interesting projects that go down  only because one of the parties is trying to pull the cloth more to their side – the project either gets stuck or cannot be realized the way it was originally wanted.


We believe that we provide the best services and it should be stressed out again that bringing our company to the project is evaluated as an investment, as our company has shown the professionalism in project management  that always is worth to our clients  (that is- our clients always gain out of investing by bringing us)

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